Effort in Recovery

It can be difficult to maintain our momentum and motivation when the results are not exactly what we want. Substance abuse creates a distorted and fantasy-based reality where one simply ingests a chemical or engages in an excitement arousing activity and magically “everything is better.” Early recovery can connect a person with how deep they have gotten in the hole and how far they are from their higher purposes and better selves. To stay determined I believe in effort.

Effort does not focus entirely on results. Effort focuses on something you can control. You may fail. You may not get the job done. But the way that jobs can be completed is through persistent effort over time. Let yourself make mistakes. Let yourself learn. Sometimes you just pick the small task that is right in front of you.

Stay focused though on giving yourself credit for each day you put your head down and do your best to grind it out.

Chad K. Cox PsyD
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