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Executive Burnout & Addiction Recovery

Executive Burnout & Addiction Recovery

Executive burnout, also known as “job fatigue,” is the term used when busy executives become overwhelmed to the point where performance and focus begins to suffer. Unfortunately, these feelings of strain and exhaustion can lead down the dangerous path to substance addiction.
Senior managers and successful executives possess the required qualities to keep companies running smoothly and profitably. Intelligence, motivation, problem-solving skills, and persuasion…the list goes on and on. The best of the best seem to have it made, but CEOs and thought leaders aren’t immune to the stress that comes with their high-pressure jobs. Long hours, tension-filled negotiations, or a less-than-stellar quarterly financial report can begin to unravel an executive from the inside out. Setting their personal lives aside for the “good of the company,” these high-ranking business people develop a tenuous relationship with work-life balance.
Common signs of executive burnout include:
·      A tendency to micromanage the minute details rather than seeing the big picture
·      Lack of of mental clarity (“fuzziness”)
·      Irritability
·      Severe depression
·      Extreme fatigue
In some cases, the company’s performance falters due to inconsistent leadership and an overwhelmed leader.
Substance Abuse and Executive Burnout
Turning to alcohol or drugs during bouts of depression or stressful times is not unusual among professional men and women. Self-medicating when anxiety and tensions mount has become a common thread for all walks of society.
Substance addiction occurs in all socio-economic classes, but according to studies, is most prevalent among the wealthy. This statistic is not surprising; in short, the richest classes of society can afford to use. Fortunately, white-collar professionals also have the resources to treat their addiction when they’ve made the decision to seek help.
Treatment Options
AToN Center’s solution to an increasingly common problem is a unique executive rehab program. Our certified counselors take a holistic approach to treating the mind and body, while offering luxurious amenities in our San Diego rehab facilities: luxuries our professional clients have come to expect. The executive rehab program establishes a work-treatment balance to enable clients to run their businesses as they heal in privacy.

AToN Center Luxury Addiction Treatment

The philosophy at our California addiction treatment center is to create individualized plans designed to help clients sustain recovery. Twelve-step programs work for some people; for others, a non-12-step approach is more effective. Regardless of the program used, AToN’s treatment outcome scores are outstanding. Our highly qualified staff works with each client to determine the best treatment approach.
If you’re suffering from substance addiction, call AToN at (888) 535-1516 today to learn more about our range of executive burnout treatment options or to speak with an intake specialist about getting help for alcohol and drug dependency.

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