Experience Addiction & Mental Health Treatment in Privacy

Experience Addiction & Mental Health Treatment in Privacy

The best luxury rehabs are recognized for the unique ways they cater to overtaxed executives, high-profile CEOs, celebrities, and individuals desiring privacy, amenities, holistic services, and truly customized treatment. Some luxury facilities, however, are more of a glorified spa with an emphasis on “getting away from it all” rather than doing the real work of drug or alcohol addiction recovery. At AToN Center’s San Diego executive and luxury treatment center, clients get the best of both worlds. 
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Advantages of Luxury Rehab

Perhaps the most important and sought after feature of luxurious drug rehabs is privacy and confidentiality. For many luxury rehab clients, privacy is not just a preference; it is a safety and lifestyle requirement. Allowing participants to focus on their treatment plan while maintaining desired anonymity, clinicians and facility staff seclude clients from the media, stakeholders, and other parties. Luxury addiction treatment is a time to prioritize healing and self-care, and the best way to do this is in a safe, secluded environment among the amenities and privileges our clients have become accustomed to.
Clients also choose beautiful luxury rehabs like AToN Center because of the way we:  
  • Guard residents from unwanted attention & treatment distractions.
  • Allow residents to work, hold meetings & interface with clients, agents & other support staff as needed.
  • Encourage participants not to label themselves in negative, self-defeating ways
  • Offer comfortable detox services that reduce physical withdrawal symptoms & expedite the early recovery process.
  • Support healing throughout all therapy phases by offering the latest holistic rehab services (energy healing, mind-body therapy, breathing techniques, Watsu massage, acupuncture, yoga, EMDR therapy & more). 
  • Empower sobriety success by selecting the non-12-step program, SMART Recovery® program or 12-step program best suited to the client’s addiction history, personality & lifestyle.
  • Provide 90-minute intensive family counseling sessions along with individual & group therapy.


Get Admitted to San Diego Executive Rehab

While some alcohol and recovery centers provide high-quality addiction treatment, they operate in an environment that feels overpopulated, sterile, and clinical. At AToN Center, we welcome guests to a beautiful San Diego facility where you will eat nutritional gourmet meals, enjoy a private room, and experience the amenities of a 5-star hotel while benefitting from the expertise of our industry-leading therapists and addiction specialists. 
To begin the luxury rehab process for CEOs, celebrities, public figures and luminaries—or to inquire about insurance coverage and financing for your residential stay, submit a secure online inquiry. Begin the journey to freedom with a San Diego treatment center that helps you think clearly, reboot your relationships, get to the root of your addiction, and transform your life in ways that you never knew were possible.
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