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Family Addiction Therapy

Family Therapy

FamilyTherapyDrug and alcohol addictions do not impact solely the person in active addiction, treatment or recovery. Rather, the consequences of addiction often impact anyone in its wake. Education, therapy and support are crucial for anyone in early recovery, as well as their families and loved ones. The family dynamic becomes especially complicated and often the whole family takes on dysfunctional and compensating roles as substance misuse progresses.

For those in early recovery, by actively engaging in the treatment process, they will be able to make amends and maintain the love of their family with time and continued commitment. For the family members who have endured the active addiction, it is important to be heard and supported. In order to heal, forgive and rebuild trust, both parties will need therapy, support and education. Our philosophy at AToN Center is that those closest to our residents play an important role in their treatment process. We understand that in order to truly benefit our residents, we need to offer assistance to the family and residents together.

At AToN Center, residents learn about family dynamics and their roles in the family system. They create and present Genograms to their peers and discuss how substance misuse has impacted themselves and their families. Many residents have reported this to be an especially helpful exercise during treatment. Residents carefully prepare for Family Sessions, which occur in the second half of treatment. Family members receive the AToN Family Packet to assist in preparing for the session as well. Family Sessions may last up to 90 minutes and focus on making amends, enabling and discharge planning among other topics. AToN Center highly encourages all of our residents to participate in family treatment and offers more than one Family Session if clinically appropriate. Our research shows that 90% of our residents participate in at least one session before discharging from AToN Center.

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