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Family Sessions

Family Sessions Therapy

Family Sessions

Family Sessions

Here at AToN Center we have our residents prepare for and participate in family work that can be healing and can help initiate support and motivation for themselves and family members. Residents work on an outline that addresses areas such as:

  • Apologies and Acknowledgement of behaviors
  • Gratitude expression
  • Progress and or What’s different this time, if they have attempted sobriety in the past
  • Goals moving forward and Discharge plans
  • How can family support them in recovery
  • And What family can do in case of a slip or relapse.

In addressing the topics above the resident invites the loved ones to be a part of their recovery, allowing for openness as opposed to the secrets and lies that surrounded their addiction. We hope that families can reengage in open communication and seek support for themselves as well when faced with the challenges of having a family member with addiction entering recovery.

Kristin Colton CATC II
Chemical Dependency Counselor
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