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When a person decides that they are willing to live life without using drugs and alcohol, it does not mean that all the trials and tribulations of life have come to an end. Rather, it means that they are willing to live life on life’s terms and feel their feelings without a chemical safeguard.

Fear in the Early Stages of Recovery

This shift in consciousness causes a great deal of fear and anxiety in the newly sober individual. Learning to live without drugs and alcohol is uncomfortable, unfamiliar and often causes a new array of emotions to surface that have been lying dormant. The right kind of therapy and counseling in a safe and secure environment is hugely beneficial when uncovering who you really are without the use of drugs and alcohol.

Fear of change is a natural, normal and healthy part of the process of recovery. The road to recovery always starts with a decision.

Remember that FEAR stands for Face Everything and Recover.

Kate Judd
CD Counselor
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