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Freedom in Sobriety

Those suffering from addiction find many, many befits from early sobriety. One of those immediate benefits is regaining their personal freedom. It occurs to those who attend treatment at AToN Center that their drug or alcohol abuse actually made them feel sadder, more depressed, more anxious and more isolated.

Early recovery over 30 days at a residential treatment center like ours, affords the individual the structure, guidance and practice to regain their personal freedom.

Virginia Woolf spoke to the topic of freedom, “To enjoy freedom we have to control ourselves”. 12 Step and SMART recovery programs help the individual make positive, healthy, safe choices. In effect, the recovering individual learns how to cope with cravings, monitor their thinking and take responsibility for their actions. In short, sobriety helps the individual to take back control of their lives and to enjoy this new found freedom.

Chris McDuffie, MA RRW
Chemical Dependency Counselor
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