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Goal Setting

Goal Setting

Goal Setting

We can choose to begin something new every day, every minute of every day…

Goal setting and getting clear on values and what is really important in our lives is a huge part of what we do in recovery from addiction.

As drug and alcohol addiction brings one down a path of destruction, neglect, and abuse of self and others, recovery is about building up. Beginning with discovering values, dreams, and life’s purpose one can create a foundation to obtain far more than ever imagined.

At AToN Center we explore these aspects and work on setting realistic goals for the coming months and learn how to create a life worth being sober for.

In groups we look at values an a baseline for setting goals that are in line with the things we care most about. We look at goals that are obtainable and have meaning as well as how we can illicit support and accountability.

This is a fun process at any time on this journey of life, love, and growth…

Kristin Colton CATC-II
Chemical Dependency Counselor
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