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Gratitude in Recovery

Gratitude in Recovery

Gratitude in Recovery

In working with residents at the AToN Center I often see how developing an attitude of gratitude can be a very powerful asset in recovery.  I think of gratitude from the perspective of being a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist.  I look at the results of a client’s thought processes and give them options to change and modify their thinking.  For example, if a person has thoughts such as “I can’t believe I’m being treated this way, this is totally unfair”, “I’m being taken advantage of”, “It’s my friend’s, parent’s, or partner’s fault that I’m in this condition”, a person will likely be encouraging their sense of entitlement and resentments.

In micro-focusing on what you don’t have you miss out on all of the things that you do have. Thoughts such as “I appreciate those around me, “I’m glad that help is available”, “This isn’t exactly what I wanted but I’ll make the most of it”, and “I’ve been given a great deal,” can help a person focus on what they already have.  Changing your thought process can facilitate having more gratitude and appreciation in life.

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