Grounding During Recovery

Grounding During Recovery

Grounding During Recovery

Sometimes life can throw everything at us at once.  Work difficulties, legal problems, family distress and other unforeseen curveballs can send us into a tailspin.  

At these moments, it is helpful to do something concrete to ground ourselves.  Redirecting ourselves to use all five senses, we may be able to bring ourselves back to the moment.  Here are some helpful tips:

Touch:  Squeeze a stress ball, float or swim in a pool, take a bubble bath, pet your dog or cat.

Sight:  Take a walk in a beautiful part of town, go to a museum, sit in a garden, look at old photo albums.

Sound:  Listen to soothing music, sit by a waterfall, listen to a meditation guide, sit in nature and try to identify all of the different sounds around you.

Smell:  Bake some bread and enjoy the scent, smell flowers, light a scented candle, smell your favorite perfume.

Taste:  Make your favorite meal and savor each bite, drink something soothing, like herbal tea or hot chocolate.

Once you find that you are grounded, then you will be able to face your stressors with more poise and confidence.  Remind yourself to tackle one small task at a time, be gentle with yourself and seek support during these times.

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Clinical Director
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