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hope and freedom in recovery


Hope In Addiction Recovery

“What matters?…Only the flicker of light within the darkness, the feeling of warmth within the cold, the knowledge of love within the void.”  -John Walsh Anglund


When we are lost in our addiction, surrounded by darkness, even the brightest light may appear dim. Recovery is a bright, unmistakable light that offers a way out of the pain and misery of active addiction. Demonstrating the courage to come to treatment is akin to following the bright light out of the darkness into a new hope for recovery. The closer we get to hope in the midst of despair, the closer we are to the solution.

When we are cold and our bodies lose feeling, movement is the only solution. Forward movement is the key to recovery. When our emotions are numb, we need people, places and things that warm our hearts. Seeking treatment is an act of self- love and hope for a future free from the agony of addiction.

At the AToN Center, we realize that not everyone has the courage to move forward and follow the bright light of recovery. We are moved and honored to be of service to every brave soul who enters our doors.
Kate Judd
Chemical Dependency Counselor
AToN Center 888-535-1516

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