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How Are Your Resolutions Going?

New Years Resolutions and Recovery

How Are Your Resolutions Going?

How Are Your Resolutions Going?

Here we are, New Years has passed and we are in the midst of January.  Now’s a good time to reflect on any New Year’s Resolutions you may have made and see how they are going!  We talk so much about these resolutions at the end of one year and the start of another – yet excitement often wanes and then these resolutions are often left behind.  So – what is your resolution?  How are you doing with it?  Are you still going strong?  Or are you already noticing signs of struggle?

Often, the first thing that happens is we begin negotiating with ourselves about our resolution.  Noticing that personal negotiation is important – because that is where you need to step in and remind yourself exactly why you felt so motivated to set this goal in the first place!  Catch yourself early and you will be more likely to meet that goal you set in 2017.  It’s also a good idea to notice the positive that has already come from maintaining your resolution for as long as you have – this may help you to build your momentum again.  Also – don’t forget to check in with your support system – and tell them the good and not-so-good aspects of your experience so far.

It is my hope that you continue on with the goals you have made for the New Year and that you feel proud of any progress you have already made!

Cassandra Cannon, Ph.D.
Clinical Director
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