How to Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day (or any holiday) Without Relapsing

How to Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day (or any holiday) Without Relapsing

  1. Celebrate Sober on Holidays Stick to your routine. Go to work, hit up a community support meeting, go to the gym, etc., just like
    you would on any other day.
  2. Plan for triggers. Anticipate and talk about potential triggers. Tell a therapist or a sober support about your expected triggers and game plan on how to manage them.
  3. Build a new tradition. Cook an authentic meal, go on a hike, try a new hobby with sober friends, or plan a movie marathon.
  4. Incorporating positive people in your life. Hang out with positive people that value your friendship. If these people can’t support your sobriety than you need to rethink the relationship, plain and simple.
  5. Rational self-talk. Think about this in advance and write it down! Remind yourself of all of the benefits of not drinking or drugging on that holiday.
  6. Remind yourself of the positives. Again write it down and keep the list with you. For instance not being hung over, not needed to make apologies for belligerent behavior, no self-regret, remembering all of your choices, and not wasting money.
  7. Consider if this holiday is really an important occasion for you, or if in the past it was just an excuse to party.
  8. Skip the risk. Avoid any risky situations such as parties, bars, or parades, especially early in recovery.
  9. The boost of self-esteem and gratitude that comes with helping someone or something other than you can have a powerful impact.
  10. Do something nice for yourself. Get a massage, do yoga, meditate or just stick your toes in the sand. Whatever makes you happy, take a few minutes to care for yourself.

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