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In the Process of Addiction it is Easy to Lose Yourself

In the process of addiction it is easy to lose yourself – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. So a question that comes to mind is, in the process of recovery, how do you create a life worth living after feeling completely lost? Do you need to dig out your “true” self so that the answers will come to you? Do you create something from nothing?

Or maybe the path lies somewhere in between. In sobriety we have the opportunity to be present in our lives, allowing us to appreciate each moment for what it is and to get in touch with what we value most in life. From there it is our responsibility to create a life consistent with what is most meaningful to us, and with the person we want to be. These values serve as an internal compass that can keep working through any storm, keeping us on the right track no matter what happens.

Kirsten Helgager, Psy.D. 
Clinical Psychologist
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