Knowledge vs. Wisdom
Knowledge vs. Wisdom

Knowledge vs. Wisdom

wisdon-knowledge A key shift that happens in recovery is when someone moves from “knowledge” to “wisdom.” “Knowledge” is knowing all of the “right answers.” I would also say the difference can be described by “knowing” something in your head, versus “knowing” something in your heart.

Wisdom is learning how to apply this knowledge and the skills you learned in treatment in the moments when it would be easier to give in to triggers and cravings. Wisdom is listening calmly and giving a poised and assertive response in a heated conversation. Wisdom is noticing painful emotions and allowing them to rise and fall without feeling the need to stop them by distracting or drinking and using. Wisdom is researching all options before making a carefully thought out decision – rather than making an impulsive choice. Wisdom is choosing long term gratification over short term gratification.

At AToN, the treatment curriculum is focused on teaching basic skills that can be applied in multiple scenarios. These skills can help our residents move from “knowing” to behaving with wisdom. These skills include assertiveness training, self soothing techniques, emotional management, cognitive behavioral therapy, and especially relapse prevention skills.

Our goal is that our residents leave AToN center well along the path from knowledge to wisdom.

Dr. Cannon
Clinical Director
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