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Learning Something New

Judgment and Criticism in Recovery

Learning Something New

new change recoveryMany times people in their addiction stay stuck in the cycle of believing, despite ample evidence to the contrary, that things are going well or at least aren’t going that bad.  Staying stuck in original or pre-programmed thinking can further exasperate ongoing problems and leave one in a maladaptive position for environmental and social changes.  Stubbornly adhering to previous dogma can be eminently enticing.   

That being said entering into recovery means stepping outside of previous knowledge and embracing the big “I don’t know.”  In allowing one’s self to push aside previous biases and see the world through new a new prism is where recovery starts.  Admitting to one’s self that you don’t know everything can be humbling but will open the doors to new wisdom. 

Take a minute, take a breath, relax and open your ears to new ideas.  It could just save your life. 

Chad K. Cox PsyD 
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