Letting Go
Let go and Keeping Focus in Recovery

Letting Go

Letting Go, Addiction Recovery, Moving On

Improvement often means letting go of old assumptions and thoughts.  A person in the midst of their addiction may cling tightly to ineffective and dysfunctional beliefs about themselves and their use.  Despite continued negative results and poor outcomes, one can return right back to the exact same plan that led to their disappointment.

Letting go means relenting on some of your ego.
Letting go means having the humility to admit that you don’t always know what you are doing.
Letting go means saying finally that you are willing to look beyond your own flawed perceptions.
Then you can be presented with something new.
Then you can learn from the wisdom of others.
Then you can see outside yourself and be seen by others.
Letting go can be extremely difficult and lead to sense of loss or shame.  But let go and you will be caught.   Once processed, you will open yourself to a new truth, a new reality and a new hope.
Chad K. Cox PsyD
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