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Living In Denial

Living In Denial

Living In DenialThere is a paradox to denial that is often confronted in treatment. How do you know if you are in denial? What happens if you deny that you are in denial? What if you have been controlled by others in the past and feel that being confronted is another attempt to destroy your sense of autonomy?

In my work at the AToN Center I have seen how our approach is to meet the resident right where they are. Our program is based on abstinence from substances of abuse and dependence but at the same time we do not create a therapeutic environment of disrespect where we tell people how they are supposed to live their lives. We offer assistance to those who are struggling with their addictions, but this is done with respect for that individuals’ intelligence and free will.

In my role as a psychologist I assume that each individual is an authority on themselves but also ask that they have an open mind. For a person to grow and change it requires acknowledgement of the individuals role in the problem and the desire for improvement. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide if you are in denial. If you reach this conclusion, know that there are mighty forces willing to support and fight for you.

Chad K. Cox, PsyD
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