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Living in the Present

Living in the Present Mindfulness

Living in the Present

Living in the Present

There are times that we have to choose to be in the here and now and times when it just is. Sometimes we might get caught up in thinking about the past, living in it, regretting or questioning what might have been. Learning to let go of the past is a choice. We can stay in contemplation of things that have past or let go, trusting that they were meant to be, maybe to teach us, or to give perspective in some way. The same is true for the future. There can be value in planning and setting goals as well as time structured to give thoughts to these activities. However, living in the future, whether fear or expectation can be dangerous as well, stealing us away from the present moment and not allowing us to gain from what is in the here and now.

Some activities can be helpful in drawing our attention to the present moment allowing for Mindfulness/ present moment focus to be in the forefront of our thoughts. Some people enjoy taking a walk, creating or appreciating art, listening to music, or other activities that require our full attention to practice living in the moment.

Finding practices that help us live in the moment can be unique to the individual so exploring can be fun in seeking out ways we can just be in today.

All we really have is today, we cannot be certain of anything else, so we have the gift of now, embrace every moment.


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