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Low Frustration Tolerance

Low Frustration Tolerance

Low Frustration Tolerance

Low frustration tolerance is a belief that one is incapable or unwarranted  in managing feelings or situations that are uncomfortable or difficult. This type of thinking can actually increase the level of actual discomfort.  It is important to realize that mild or temporary discomforts are a part of normal life. Discomfort can be a useful feeling, reminding us that something is not right and motivate us to make a change. 

Part of the recovery process is strengthening our ability to experience uncomfortable emotions. 
Here are some useful strategies for building frustration tolerance:

       Understand that we can only change ourselves

       Realize and accept that discomfort will occur

       Practice forms of mindfulness that reduce extreme reactions and internal resistance

       Delay gratification and “reactivity” when possible

       Utilize cognitive strategies including CBT, re-framing, thought stopping, and affirmations which enhance self-efficacy

       Examine common thinking errors

       Eliminate absolutes and demands such as; must, should, and have to 

       Practice urge surfing techniques for emotions

       Increase your locus of control by reminding yourself you are not a victim, and you can willfully choose how to respond
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