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LSD Addiction

As with many drugs, users can become psychologically dependent on LSD.

Its dazzling high can become a distraction, perhaps even an escape from reality for some people. It can become very hard to function in reality if you are taking LSD on a regular basis.

People who start to experiment with acid may do so out of curiosity. If they are spending time with individuals who use the drug, they may be tempted to try it to fit in with their peer group. Hearing about the intense colors that go with the hallucinations that Zen users experience may encourage a person to give it a try themselves.

If the first trip is a good one, and the hallucinations are enjoyable instead of frightening, the user may continue taking the drug to try to recreate this interesting (and seemingly enjoyable) experience. They may not realize that every acid trip is different, and there is no way of knowing in advance what kind of experience they will have.

The flip side to using LSD to try to get a result the user considers positive– which in this case is to enjoy the experience of an altered reality — is using the drug to escape reality. Some users start experimenting with it because they are trying to deal with negative aspects of their own lives.

They could be looking for something as simple as a way to avoid feeling bored. Other people who become psychologically dependent on acid are drawn to it because of a need to step away from the reality of their lives — to find what they hope is something better — at least for the hours that they are tripping on the drug.

If you or a loved one suffers from an addiction to LSD, AToN Center offers private rehab programs at our California treatment center in San Diego to facilitate your journey to recovery.

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