Luxury Rehab Gets a Bad Rap

Luxury Rehab Gets a Bad Rap

Luxury Addiction Rehab, Addiction Recovery As news stories on substance use disorder treatment services recently hit the airwaves telling tales of medicare fraud by outpatient clinics, and deaths in high end rehabs, ripples of panic and dismay are spreading throughout the population.

Unfortunately, catchy news headlines fail to tell the whole story, and as a Program Director, I have great concern that individuals who might desperately need help may be dissuaded by the partially informed opinions of others based on an overgeneralization of the field. AToN Center wishes to set the story straight.

The rules and clinical oversight of AToN Center are structured to ensure maximum safety of residents, and ethical handling of all affairs from the time of arrival beginning with informed consent issues all the way through the end of the formal treatment episode, and even afterwards during aftercare post-graduation are the practice at AToN Center’s luxury rehab in San Diego. High end treatment does not mean low oversight, and this certainly is not the case at AToN Center where licensed professionals assure the safety of each resident.

Our rigorous program schedule, and structured house rules coupled with selection, training, and retention of the highest quality staff in the field contribute to our success. Specifically, AToN Center approves and searches all visitors in advance of facility entry, and does not grant overnight passes, or give permission to individuals to go on passes that are counterproductive to treatment goals.

AToN Center’s staff to client ratio of 3 staff to each client, assures individualized care.  Resident rooms are searched daily for contraband and AToN Center has “line of sight” guidelines while on group outings to provide maximum supervision during a time of clinical fragility and vulnerability.  Additionally, all residents are searched upon arrival and following offsite passes, and are given weekly random urinalyses and breathalyzers that can detect substance use with high accuracy.

If you or a loved one is in search of  a private and luxury rehab,  it is our promise to you to provide a safe haven with luxurious surroundings where individuals can thrive in intensive treatment. If you have any questions about

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