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Luxury Rehab in San Diego

AToN Center is a luxury rehab center located in Southern California. Our luxury rehab has been around for over a decade and our services top all other luxury rehabs around the country. When you receive treatment for any type of drug abuse at our luxury rehab facility clients will receive an individualized treatment plan with a multitude of different treatment modalities to cater to the personalized care of each of our clients.

Some of the main types of treatment options offered at AToN Center include mental health treatment, luxury amenities, holistic care, alcohol rehab, drug rehab, traditional methods, and non-traditional treatment options.

Our luxury rehab treatment center offers executive treatment to clients looking for specific amenities and therapies, including celebrity clientele, and recovery treatment to cater to those looking for high end, exceptional care. For more information on our luxury drug rehab treatment options, please contact our team.

What are Luxury Rehab Centers?

People often wonder what luxury treatment facilities are. When you hear this term, it does not mean that this treatment is only available to certain individuals, it is just a phrase that is used to describe high end, high quality, luxury addiction treatment. This treatment addresses substance abuse and co-occurring disorders in the comfort of luxury rehab centers.

What if we told you that the most exciting and spiritually challenging journey of your life could include table tennis, luxurious pools and hot tubs, holistic therapies, and gourmet meals every day at a beautiful San Diego luxury drug rehab. 90% of the clients who need drug and alcohol rehab don’t seek help from a rehab provider. There are many reasons we become addicted, from trauma to stress, to chemical dependencies.

Why Luxury Treatment?

Why Luxury Treatment? | AToN Center

Luxury treatment can prepare you for a life of sobriety safely and more effectively than going cold turkey on your own. While the denotation of “luxury” can make it seem easy or pampered, the truth is that addiction is a crucial disease to overcome and that decades of research went into finding the best techniques and mental health strategies to treat it.

Our luxury rehab treatment offers you the comfort of a full-service resort with the highest quality of care providers, but there is still a critical healing process underlying the whole treatment center experience. Our executive treatment specialists are all doctorate-level experts with proven clinical techniques in their arsenal of tools for drug and alcohol addiction.

Substance Abuse

Drug and alcohol abuse is a serious problem that affects many Americans daily. People may not realize that they have a problem due to severity of the problem, or because they do not want to admit that something is wrong. They may think that how much they drink in a typical day is normal, but with proper treatment therapy, they may come to realize that they need help.

Substance abuse often is a result of other mental health disorders or co-occurring disorders that manifest with substance abuse. Clients may “deal” with their problem by abusing substances. With quality treatment and individual therapy, it is possible to overcome addiction and move into a full recovery.

Signs and Symptoms of Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Common signs and symptoms of a substance use disorder include:

  • You continue taking a drug despite the negative consequences
  • You begin to develop a tolerance and need more of a drug to achieve the same results
  • You start to feel withdrawal symptoms when the drug wears off. You may be shaky, depressed, sick to your stomach, sweat, or have headaches.
  • You have trouble stopping your drug or alcohol habit
  • You have lost interest in things you once liked to do.
  • You have begun having trouble doing normal daily things, like cooking or working.
  • You drive or do other dangerous things (like use heavy machines) when you are on the drug.
  • You borrow or steal money to pay for drugs.

If you or someone you know is experiencing any of the above symptoms, please contact our luxury rehab addiction treatment center for more information on our treatment programs, private rooms, and therapy methods.

Rehab and Recovery

Rehab is an opportunity to focus on the mind, body, and self. This includes any co-occurring disorders, mental illness, or other health disorders. The detox process is difficult on its own, made even more challenging with certain addictions like opiates, which pose serious physical harm in detox without professional oversight. One study found that as few as 25% of clients going through detox managed to maintain their sobriety from substance abuse.

While detox simply focuses on purging yourself of the drug and breaking the chemical hooks of addiction, it does not do anything to prevent relapse. In an inpatient, luxury rehab, you have the unique opportunity to detox and heal in private rooms while practicing the therapy and skills needed to maintain long-term sobriety and addiction recovery.

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Means a New Life

Drug Alcohol Rehabilitation | AToN Center

Addiction detox is a simple, mathematical process. Go sober for a certain amount of time, and you have detoxed. Anyone can stop using for a week or two, but few can break the need for drugs and alcohol long-term on their own because the problems in your life that made addiction possible are still unresolved after detox.

Eventually, we will run into the same or similar circumstances that propelled us to drug use in the first place. We will experience heartbreak, boredom, financial troubles, trauma, and stress because we are still the same person in the same environment. Substance abuse treatment means changing ourselves to be stronger for the world we must embrace or changing the environment that makes us vulnerable.

Addiction takes away something from everyone, and in severe cases of withdrawal it can be life threatening. Some lose their health, their young and adventurous years, others lose their finances, their family and friends. Drug and alcohol luxury rehab centers focus on restoring the lost aspects of your life with professional help so that you can live a full and healthy lifestyle, breaking your reliance on drugs and alcohol by empowering you. You will always end up facing challenges in life, but after therapy and rehab, you will have a new way to handle those challenges. You will be able to foster a new mindset and adapt to the challenges instead of coping with drugs and alcohol.

Addiction Treatment at AToN Center

Our private rehabilitation center is one of the best well known San Diego rehabs in the state. Our luxury rehab prides ourselves on offering quality addiction treatment to all clients who come to our facility. Our treatment program for clients consists of individual sessions, family therapy, outdoor activities, group therapy, and many holistic therapies to approach substance abuse.

We understand how easy it is for our busy lives take over and it makes it difficult to commit to an addiction treatment plan, but this step can be life altering towards a new life. Addiction recovery takes time, and to succeed in treatment, there needs to be constant peer support and help from friends and family members. Our holistic rehabilitation programs offer many options for addiction treatment and recovery, including traditional and non-traditional methods.

The programs at AToN Center focus on the client and provides personalized care beyond what typical treatment centers can offer. If you are ready to start the recovery journey and want the highest quality of luxury care available, we recommend you call our rehab center at 888-535-1516  to learn more details about your health insurance with specific insurance companies or the process of detox and rehab. If you need information on your insurance rehab coverage, please speak with one of the staff at our luxury rehab.

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