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Maintaining Motivation in Early Recovery

Maintaining Motivation in Early Recovery

Maintaining Motivation in Early Recovery

Gratitude in Addiction RecoveryOne of AToN Center’s chief principles for sobriety is, Maintaining Motivation. Those in early recovery often find it difficult to maintain motivation to make healthy choices and to continue their sobriety. Marcus Tullius Cicero wrote of the benefits of gratitude over two thousand years ago; Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others. At AToN Center we help the individual to practice gratitude and empathy.

One practice, which reinforces “staying in gratitude”, includes learning to appreciate one’s decision to be sober. Practicing gratitude is a powerful component to maintaining daily sobriety. Gratitude helps to reinforce hope, maintain positive thoughts, practice value-based decision-making and to reject harmful actions.


Gratitude for family, friends, healthy living and an appreciation for the help received from counselors, therapist and 12 Step/SMART programs breeds motivation to stay sober.

At AToN Center our holistic approach to wellness includes personalized individual counseling session, highly structured educational classes, group processing groups and a host of holistic wellness offerings. Practicing gratitude is one of the many lessons that our residents receive to help them maintain sobriety.

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