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AToN Center is now contracted and in-network with MHN insurance health plans, a Health Net managed health network. MHN health insurance policies can be used to provide substance abuse treatment and other mental health benefits and coverage to insurance policy members. Often, the cost of a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center is included in the benefits of an MHN plan.

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More health care providers, such as AToN Center who are contracted with MHN are able to help individuals who are looking for treatment and will have more access by including these benefits in the insurance packages. People with these insurance packages have the opportunity to receive addiction treatment services to help them during their recovery.

What is MHN Health Insurance

MHN health plans is a managed health network that is a Health Net insurance plan subsidiary. MHN insurance can be used to cover the costs of drug and alcohol abuse treatment and other mental health services. These services are included in a behavioral health or mental health plan. In the United States, MHN is one of the most capable and experienced insurance providers of managed behavioral health care and Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs).

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Health Net and MHN

MHN, the behavioral health subsidiary of Health Net, Inc., is a leading health care company that provides comprehensive behavioral change solutions for individuals and organizations. The behavioral health plans offer members coverage for the cost of programs that address substance abuse problems.

The behavioral health plans are available with a Health Net medical plan or on a stand-alone basis. It can give employees access to high quality mental health and substance use disorder coverage. They also offer coverage for telehealth appointments, which can be helpful to those who are looking for treatment while at home.

MHN and Health Net for Substance Use Disorders

MHN, is a subsidiary provider of the managed health network, Health Net, a health insurance provider. They provide insurance coverage with a focus on behavioral health, substance abuse and employee assistance programs (EAPs) to approximately 7.3 million individuals in various states, including the company’s own health plan members.

Are Treatment Facilities Covered Under MHN?

A drug rehab is typically covered by Health Net and MHN insurance plans. Because most treatment facilities are privately owned, in-state versus out-of-state costs don’t change too much, which means treatment can be covered. Managed Health Network does work with providers to help shape treatment plans.

A plan with MHN offers behavioral health coverage, specifically for the treatment of substance use disorders and other mental health disorders. These types of plans are often used regularly by those who have substance abuse coverage, as it can offset some or all the cost of treatment for an addict.

What Services are Covered?

Your MHN behavioral plan covers medically necessary mental health services and substance use disorder treatment.

Coverage benefits generally include:

Substance Use Disorder and The Affordable Care Act

The comprehensive health insurance reforms that were put in place from the Affordable Care Act will lower health care costs, make health insurance available to many more people, enhance the quality of healthcare for Americans and guarantee more health care choices. Included in this plan is coverage for substance addiction treatment. This means that an insurance provider is more likely to offer coverage for addiction treatment services.

Addiction Treatment

The first step in getting help for an addiction is to seek out a treatment center that can offer services to address the addiction problem. Many treatment centers offer services that include health and substance abuse treatment, detox, crisis intervention, mental health services, outpatient assessment, and many more services to treat addiction and help with recovery.

Types of Treatment

Many treatment centers focus on behavioral health when addressing addiction problems. Mental illness plays a role in addiction, and often there are co-occurring behavioral health concerns that need to be treated during drug rehab. Detox is often the first step in addiction treatment, which is the process of clearing all drugs or alcohol out of the person’s system.

The detox phase can be very uncomfortable, depending on what substance you are detoxing from. For example, an alcohol detox can cause serious side effects, and it is best to be at a treatment center or drug rehab where you can be monitored for safety and comfort. You may need to seek more medical care, and being around trained staff will serve the best outcomes.

Typical treatment methods include:

At AToN Center we offer high-quality addiction and we are highly recognized as one of the best in the United States. We focus on each of our client’s individual needs and specialize our treatment programs based on those needs. If you are looking for the best option for treatment and the type of programs that will treat you or your loved one, please contact us.

Substance Abuse Treatment at AToN Center

AToN Center is a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center that provides substance abuse treatment to those that suffer from addiction and are looking for help in achieving full recovery. Our drug rehab treatment program consists of detox services, drug and alcohol addiction education, therapy sessions, and other substance abuse services for people looking to get help for addiction.

We are one of the top treatment programs in the United States, and we are now in network with MHN insurance, a Health Net provider. This allows us to provide more treatment to people who are in need of help for addiction problems. There are many benefits to being an in-network provider with Health Net, as this gives others another option for where they can get treatment for a problem with drugs or alcohol.

The type of treatment that we offer at our drug rehab is based on your terms, or your loved one’s terms. We ensure each person is comfortable with what we decide is the best drug treatment to allow you to achieve recovery from drugs or alcohol.

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If you or a loved one needs help for a mental health and substance abuse problem, AToN Center drug rehab can offer the best solution. Our luxury rehab offers many additional amenities including onsite gyms, spinning bikes, tennis courts, sand volley courts, saltwater pool, freshwater pool and spa, cabana, fountains, barbecue, fire pit, multi-jet outdoor shower, and a sauna with a 360-degree view.

AToN Center has a capacity for just 30 people and up to 6 in each residence, with private suites available. We also offer organic cuisine prepared by our private chef, well-appointed room accommodations, as well as an inclusive gym membership, weekend outings, and on-site events.

If you or someone you know is looking for help for an addiction, please contact AToN Center. We would be happy to give you more information on our specific programs and options for you.