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Meth Crisis for Teen Brains

Meth Crisis for Teen Brains

Meth Crisis for Teen Brains

My hat is off to the coverage on addiction that US News. This informative article gives parents and educators the critical information needed. The main message: Talk to your kids, athletes, and students, now!

Meth Crisis for Teen Brains

According to the article, researchers conducted MRI brain scans of teen and adult chronic methamphetamine abusers and compared them to those of teens and adults who have not used the drug. The scans showed that teenage methamphetamine users showed the most changes to their brain – mainly in the frontal cortex.

The frontal cortex functions as the decision maker of the brain, involving the ability to foresee future consequences resulting from current actions, make the choice between good and bad actions and helps override and suppress socially unacceptable responses.

Study author Dr. In Kyoon Lyoo states, “It’s particularly unfortunate that meth appears to damage that part of the brain, which is still developing in young people and is critical for cognitive ability.”

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