Movies and Shows on Recovery
Movies and Entertainment in Recovery

Movies and Shows on Recovery

Movies and Shows on Recovery

There are many movies and TV shows that are helping to share a message of hope as well as break the stigma of addiction and recovery. Some people enjoy seeing these when sober as it helps to inspire and give hope for potential in recovery as well as diminish some of the stereotypes one may have regarding addiction or recovery.

We have addiction movie night here at AToN and residents enjoy watching and examining how they can relate to or learn from some of these films. Some movies that are well known to depict recovery from addiction are “Thanks For Sharing” (recovery from sex and love addiction), “My Name is Bill W.” (the story of how AA began), “28 Days” (a story of hitting bottom and being in treatment), “Basketball Diaries” (a look at heroin addiction), “Flight” (a pilot and how his plane crashing changed his life), and “When a Man Loves a Woman” (a family being affected by alcoholism).

We have our residents fill out a worksheet to process their experience of watching these films. Sometimes there are triggers as well as memories that are initiated by these films as well as a message that can give many something to look forward to and be grateful for.

I recommend family members see these movies as well in order to help with understanding addiction and recovery as well as allowing them to not feel so alone in the process.

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