My Weekend at the CAADE Conference

My Weekend at the CAADE Conference

The first presentation I saw was Darryl Inaba’s “Marijuana: The Forgotten Drug”. I found the talk very informative and amazing to see the changes of the drug over the years as it has been genetically modified and synthetically reproduced! Darryl did a great job with the presentation discussing the facts that are now seen in the DSM V.
Next was Brad Lamm, founder of Change Institute, and the Breathe Life Healing Centers. His presentation, “More Good ǀ Less Bad: Building on Intervention to Fuel Systemic Change,” was the keynote speech of the conference and was absolutely brilliant! He spoke about motivation for change and identifying opportunities for the Affected, Afflicted, and Addicted! He also shared about his new book Just 10 LBS addressing eating disorders and obesity by healing your relationship with yourself, changing your relationship with food, and breaking destructive cycles of emotional and binge eating. LOVED It!
I then saw “Your Best Life Yet, A Journey of Purpose and Passion” by Marcia Ullett. She was great and shared a wonderful way to help others by identify their values, goals, and action steps toward a fulfilling life in recovery.
Last was “Rein in your Brain” by Cynthia Moreno-Tuohy. This was an amazing talk in learning how to end compulsive behaviors while fostering a more thoughtful lifestyle that ensures long term emotional sobriety.  A way to do so is by utilizing powerful words that affect the limbic and cortex regions of the brain.
Overall the conference was wonderful to attend. I always enjoy hearing about the newest innovations in treatment and different ways that we can help improve people’s lives.
Kristin Colton CATC II
Chemical Dependency Counselor
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