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Drug or alcohol treatment is most successful when a person is removed from a harmful environment and is able to recover in healthier surroundings. For people from New York and other locations throughout the country, AToN Center provides drug and alcohol rehab in a safe and peaceful environment that promotes complete healing and recovery.

AToN’s private drug rehab and alcohol treatment center is renowned for talking a holistic, integrated approach to addiction treatment. Because we believe that there is no cookie cutter solution to alcohol or drug addiction, we enable our clients to benefit from a variety of alcohol or drug treatment methods that best meet their recovery goals.

AToN Center provides an idyllic location for drug or alcohol treatment, with its vast gardens, a saltwater pool, a glassed-in gym, a fire pit, and a sauna with a 360-degree view. As a first-rate drug and alcohol rehab center, we employ expert psychologists, alcohol and drug counselors, as well as personal trainers, hypnotherapists, yoga instructors, and personal chefs.

Our addiction treatment facility specifically caters to out of state, New York residents because most New York PPO insurance plans provide comprehensice covergae for our detox and drug and alcohol treatment services. Click here to verify your insurance.

In addition, our out of state clients find that getting away from their toxic environment facilitates their addiction recovery process. Getting away from the people, places and things associated with active addiction is often the key to early recovery success.

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