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Not Interfering with the Growth of Another

Not Interfering with the Growth of Another


Surfing always gives me a great opportunity to reflect on life. Today I took a moment to reflect on relationships and the impact, positive or negative, that we can have on others with our words or our actions. A fellow surfer was riding a wave, gracefully trimming down the line in complete union with shape and speed of the wave. Another surfer paddled eagerly wanting to the surf the same wave, but aware that he would need to yield to the already erect and positioned surfer who was on the wave. This second’s surfers paddling motions disrupted the flow of the gliding wave, forcing it to break ahead of its natural course. This resulted in the already positioned surfer not being able to ride past the breaking section and consequently ended his ride on that particular wave. I reflected on just how important is to allow individuals space for their own process. This is true in recovery as well. We have to allow others an opportunity to travel their own path, to learn from their mistakes, and to feel their sometimes difficult and painful feelings. 



Joshua Persoff, CADC-II /Surfer

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