Nurturing Your Investment in Recovery

Nurturing Your Investment in Recovery

Nurturing Your Investment

The decision to enter treatment for substance abuse is a commitment. It represents a commitment of time, energy and money. Your recovery will need to be nurtured over time if you truly want it to be lasting. One way of doing this is evaluating the resources you have, or “Recovery Capital.”

Recovery Capital is the sum total of resources that you have available to assist you in maintaining and building your recovery. Your capital includes social, physical, human, and cultural resources. It will include your knowledge, skills, and talents. It includes your ability to provide for your physical and mental health needs. It includes your ability to secure safe and sober housing.

It includes those values and beliefs you maintain which support a sober-based lifestyle. It will also include those resources you have from belonging to a peer-support recovery group. These resources all contribute to your investment being successful…the greatest investment you have, YOU!

Joshua Persoff, CADC-II
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