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Opposite Action = The Art of Creating Change

Recovery and Time for Change.

Opposite Action = The Art of Creating Change

Opposite Action = The Art of Creating Change

Sometimes in recovery we have to do things we don’t want to do and not do the things we want to do to get positive results and evoke change in our lives.

This concept can be challenging to say the least and many struggle in recovery to get to a point to be willing to do some of the things is takes to remain clean and sober. We have to work hard to build motivation and keep it going as to continue to stay willing to live a life of recovery.

Addiction can be riddled with living in instant gratification, doing what we want, when we want, and not doing things that are either disliked or don’t make sense to us that we become conditioned to this way of life. Making the switch to taking opposite action as a coping skill in recovery can be a huge step and really helpful in early recovery for gaining positive results.

Making small steps in this direction to begin might be more manageable, for example adding structure where there might not have been by getting up earlier, making the bed if that was not happening, having a reading or writing exercise at bedtime or wake up to shift your mood, calling someone for daily accountability, going to meetings when you don’t want to go, eating breakfast, making sure you get plenty of sleep each night etc…

There are many ways you might add or take away activities as well as ask others for feedback on how to take opposite action to strengthen your recovery today.

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