Pain + Growth = Recovery

Pain + Growth = Recovery

Pain + Growth = Recovery

Sometimes we realize that it is painful to grow and as much as we don’t want the pain we need the changes to occur in our life. Growing means getting out of our comfort zone, trying new and sometimes uncomfortable skills that we’re not even sure will work instead of defaulting to the mode we know so well. Changing perspective can feel this way too. When we view our lives as negative circumstances that have no purpose or fulfillment we tend to sink into depression. When we view our future with fear and worry we bring about anxiety.

We have the ability to choose how we see ourselves, our situation, our opportunities, and the reality of our existence. If we choose to see the events that brought us into recovery as blessings, and the new life we’re given as a gift to be shared we will begin to see hope and excitement. When the past shifts from being a source of shame and guilt to our story that shaped us, with experiences of low spots and peaks, we may begin to see we have a lot to offer.

There is always someone who has suffered in the ways we have and reaching out to them can bring meaning to the meaningless, hope to the hopeless, and love to the lost in this world…

Recovery from addiction is just that, the beautiful disaster that needed to happen in order to find all the gifts that life has to offer and a new purpose for living…

Grateful to be alive today, and for all the experiences along the path…

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CD Counselor
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