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Percocet Addiction

Percocet® is one of many narcotic pain relievers.

Overdose trends, according to CDC Congressional Testimony (March 2008), indicate a marked increased in unintentional drug overdose wchich has been caused primarily by opioid analgesic medicine like Percocet® (up 160% from 1999 to 2004). By 2004, prescription drug overdose ranked as the second-leading cause of unintentional injury or death in the United States.

This is after automobile fatalities, recording over 5,000 more deaths nationwide than by homicide, according to the Center for Diesease Control (CDC, 2004.) By 2005, more people in the 45-54 age groups died from drug overdose than from motor vehicle crashes.

Those seeking prescription drug rehab do not choose to become addicts. Self-medication for physical pain, emotional pain, misdiagnosed depression, anxiety or trauma typically provokes addiction. Percodan addiction arises as a consequence of a drug dependency that has not been properly treated medically and can lead to the need for opiate addiction.
Patients at our San Diego Prescription Drug Rehab iinitially want to alleviate the discomfort of physical or emotional pain. Instead the medication triggers a physical — sometimes psychological – dependency. This comes from chronic overuse of prescription. Drug dependency counseling, like appropriate medical care, is effective only after removing the numbing medication and treating the physical and chemical dependency.

Due to an increased understanding of opiate addiction and dependence, modern medicine can medically reverse drug dependency. Patients no longer need to rely on painful and ineffective drug detoxification programs at our opiate addiction rehab. A medically induced detoxification, while under anesthesia, reverses a patient’s Percodan addiction or dependency.

If addiction is negatively impacting your life, AToN Center’s San Diego prescription drug rehab can help. Our percodan – opiate addiction treatment services can help you get your life back.

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