Positive Visions for the Future

Positive Visions for the Future

Positive Visions for the Future

In working as a Psychologist with the residents at the AToN Center I often see states of despair or hopelessness when residents are considering their futures. Some enter into treatment feeling defeated and beaten down by their addictions and struggle to believe that they will be able to sustain their sobriety. Many have experienced treatment in the past, having gone to multiple rehabilitation centers and countless meetings and therapy sessions, yet still become caught by their cravings.

It can be very helpful to then imagine a future that is free of addiction. The simple fact is that today hasn’t happened yet. This means that each day you are presented with you have the chance to influence it for the better. Having a positive vision for the future can also help create drive and motivation for the work your recovery will entail.

Imagine a day that you want to experience some time in the next few months or even years…this could be your graduation, a friend or family member’s wedding, achieving a year of sobriety, running a marathon, or getting a new job. These positive visions for the future can often sustain you through difficult times as you can connect your current difficulties with an eventual positive outcome.

What is your positive vision for the future?

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