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Preparing for the Holiday Season

Preparing for the Holiday Season

Preparing for the Holiday Season, Staying Sober

With the holidays approaching there may be many emotions surfacing for those in recovery and families as well. Often people in treatment or recovery from addictions are flooded with anxiety, stress, self doubt, and loneliness when thinking of upcoming holidays.

There may be many emotions and memories that trigger urges and cravings to use again. It is a good idea to think ahead and plan for these emotions and situations around the holiday gatherings.

Some tips for enjoying holidays and learning how to create new traditions and experiences in recovery are as follows:

  • Good Self-Care is Vital.
  • Enhance Your Support System.
  • Find New Ways to Celebrate.
  • Focus on Your Recovery Program.
  • Release your Resentments.
  • Bring a Buddy.
  • “Bookends” are Important.
  • Get in Touch with Spirituality.

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