Pride in Recovery


Positive or Negative Pride

In working with our residents at the AToN center I’ve often reflected on the dual nature of the concept of “pride.” Often when entering in treatment a negative pride has been fostered for many years. Negative pride is where a person is full of their own stories and there is very little room for other or new perspectives. They may feel impervious to the consequences of their choices. This kind of pride becomes an arrogance where a person is beyond learning because they can do no wrong in the first place.

Through a process of humbling (not humiliation) a person may find the other kind of positive pride. This is one where a person is open and willing to learn more. They have a confidence in their ability to recover from their mistakes and not take feedback a a personal affront. This kind of pride can only be earned over time through acting with faith and attaining meritorious successes. Learning to distinguish which pride you are experiencing could help greatly with your recovery.

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