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Priorities, Structure, and Routine in Early Recovery

Structure, and Routine in Early Recovery

Priorities, Structure, and Routine in Early Recovery

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” Antoine de Saint- Exupery

While actively in our addictions, often our values and morals are forgotten and instant gratification and self- centeredness prevail. This can cause us to lose sight of our purpose in this world and shifts priorities to dismal ends. In early recovery, we get to rediscover our goals and priorities which may have fallen by the way side of our chemical dependence.

This return to our values can help us prioritize our daily schedules and routines which serve as a reflection of what is most important to us.

A solid daily and schedule and routine are touchstones in early recovery because it fosters accountability, confidence and security. This is accomplished by first taking inventory of values, then using those values which we hold dear to us as a roadmap to plan a healthy routine.  If values are in conflict with one another, personal identity and priorities will reflect conflict.  When we live according to our values, we derive more meaning and purpose from daily life.

At AToN Center, we first learn to reconnect and identify the values which define us through therapeutic exercises such as “Values and Goals Clarification”, “Core Beliefs”, and “Fun in Sobriety.” Then we focus on planning a structured daily routine by engaging in an exercise called “Optimal Weekly Schedule” in which we focus on specific time management, priorities and goals which are based on our values. These separate exercises have a symbiotic relationship which serves to increase self- efficacy, provide purpose and meaning and keep us responsible.

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