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Regular Physical Exercise is a key Component to a Healthy Lifestyle

For a lot of people, part of their recovery plan is focusing on holistic health: mind, heart and body. Regular physical exercise is a key component to a healthy lifestyle, because it works on both mind and body. According to the CDC, regular exercise helps to reduce your risk of some diseases, maintain a healthy weight, increase longevity, keep you active into your later years, and improve your mood and mental health.

Regular exercise can lower your blood pressure, which can help to reduce anxiety. It pumps oxygen to your brain, lowers your stress hormones, and even helps your brain to make new connections – which improves memory and learning. It also increases the “anti-depressant” chemicals in your brain like serotonin and endorphins, making exercise the best non-medication therapy for your heart and mind.

At AToN addiction treatment center, staff and alumni are participating this weekend in the Heroes in Recovery 6K in Mission Bay. This is a great way to either jump-start a more active lifestyle, or to keep that activity going – and a chance to do it while having a good time with good company!

Kirsten Helgager, PsyD
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