Relapse Prevention and Abstinence Self–Efficacy

Relapse Prevention and Abstinence Self–Efficacy

Relapse Prevention and Abstinence Self–Efficacy

Some researchers in the field of addictive behaviors have focused on the concept of “Abstinence self–efficacy”, which is defined as the confidence to abstain from using alcohol or drugs in different situations. Multiple research studies have identified increased abstinence self–efficacy as a consistent predictor of positive treatment outcome. Due to these findings, many treatment facilities attempt to increase their resident’s abstinence self–efficacy to further prepare them for success.

AToN Center’s San Diego rehab has been utilizing the Abstinence Self Efficacy Scale to measure abstinence self–efficacy. This scale address four separate domains: negative affect, social/celebratory, cravings/urges and physical discomfort. Negative Affect addresses one’s confidence in maintaining sobriety when experiencing emotional discomfort. Social/Celebratory addresses situations such as parties, vacations, etc. Cravings/Urges addresses confidence in managing triggers, and physical discomfort addresses the domains of pain, detoxification discomfort and other physical symptoms.

Take a moment and identify what your largest area of weakness may be. Use this knowledge to help you be vigilant in your every day life to help you bolster your success in recovery. Focus on increasing your skills and confidence in each area. Remember that AToN Center is here to help you along your path. I wish you success, health and happiness!

Cassandra Cannon, Ph.D., Clinical Health Psychologist – Clinical Director

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