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According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, addiction’s relapse rates are comparable to other chronic diseases – such as diabetes, hypertension and asthma.  According to: 

Relapse Rates Are Comparable to Other Chronic Diseases

This is one of the reasons that continued support is vital for those seeking to maintain a sober lifestyle.  AToN Center not only recommends our residents continue treatment at the next level of care upon discharge, but we also seek to foster an active and healthy sober support system for our Alumni.  Each resident who completes treatment at AToN is afforded lifetime privileges in our Aftercare Program.  This includes a weekly phone call from a clinician and weekly support groups on Saturdays on AToN Campus. 

AToN hosts quarterly events for our Alumni, including New Years Day celebrations, a 6K walk/run and other events.  Additionally, our AToN Alumni Committee is active in reaching out to each other and to new Alums to create added support.  Many of our Alums are eager to assist those on their new path to recovery and to share the joy they have found themselves in this new lifestyle.

Cassandra Cannon, Ph.D.
Clinical Director
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