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Relationships and Recovery

Relationships and Recovery

As a Psychologist at the AToN Center I often assist our residents explore how their relationships will be affected by their recovery. When a person is in the thick of their addiction they can have relationships where they hide their self-destructive behaviors from others. On the opposite side, an addict may have developed a number of relationships that center around the drug use.

Relationships and Recovery

A primary part of treatment at AToN Center is to investigate how the social dynamic has become intertwined in the addiction. When a person decides they are finally ready to change and learn to fight their addiction this will almost always mean changes in their relationships.

I spend a good deal of time teaching assertiveness techniques and communication skills to help facilitate this social transition. Once a person is working towards their sobriety they may then need to get the courage to take a step back from relationships which might imperil their recovery. This can be as difficult as letting go of the drugs themselves but will help you avoid negative influences.

Using assertiveness can also help to share the problems that you are facing with those that will be supportive and helpful. It takes courage to challenge your relationships but often this will help improve intimacy and create a more positive environment for recovery.

Dr. Chad Cox, Clinical Psychologist
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