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The research is pretty clear: 30 days of residential treatment isn’t a cure. In fact, there is no cure for addiction. At AToN, our alumni tell us that our program gives them a solid foundation for their recovery – coping skills, education, and other tools they can use.

But most also recognize that their work has just begun. Following residential treatment, research shows that continued care is imperative to long term success. This is why we focus so much on discharge planning.

Everyone’s plan for continued treatment is personalized, but options include sober living, an intensive outpatient program, sober coaching, individual therapy, and involvement in some kind of community support group such as SMART, 12 Step and/or Refuge Recovery.

Wherever our residents go after they leave, we stress finding a way to create an environment that is supportive of recovery.  And the more support our residents can get after they leave, the more we find that they are set up for success – not only in their sobriety, but in pursuing their goals and creating for themselves a life worth living.

Kirsten Helgager, PsyD
Clinical Psychologist
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