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reviews-9055The following testimonials have been provided by former clients and are representative of the experiences had here at AToN’s private treatment center and San Diego rehab. These reviews are in their original form and haven’t been altered in any way. The clients that we have the pleasure of providing services to are AToN Centers’ most prized possessions and we value the feedback that each one of them provides.

Truly impressive place with the very best clinical staff providing evidence based treatment. Definitely tailored for the adult professional looking for a serious model that provides a healing environment. One of the best professional tours I’ve been on – thank you Keith for everything.

Tracy A

As someone who works with clients struggling with trauma histories, chronic relapse and failed treatments, I look for.treatment programs that excel in clinical approach and who offer much more than the standard rehab.. What I’ve discovered in AToN center is a program that excels in areas that most addiction programs are unable to provide.

The phrase ‘trauma-informed” is being tossed around frequently these days, with little comprehension of the impact all levels of traumatic experiences have on us. Without the clinical and intuitive understanding of this there can’t be true recovery for those who also struggle with addiction.

AToN has a premier clinical staff, who possess the vital additional ingredient of genuineness, and a true commitment to their client’s recovery. The facilities and grounds are beyond peaceful and offer the perfect setting to heal. I highly recommend this program.


Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to tour AToN Center and speak with the Clinical Director, Outreach Coordinator and Program Manager about their addiction treatment program. The facilities and grounds at AToN are absolutely beautiful! But far more impressive, as a licensed clinical psychologist who has treated addiction and related mental health issues for over 25 years, is AToN’s personalized and comprehensive treatment approach. The staff at AToN are highly-skilled, dedicated and compassionate. Best practices are utilized to integrate traditional and holistic therapeutic modalities to meet each resident’s individual needs.

I recommend AToN Center for those seeking state of the art addiction recovery treatment in an exquisite setting.

Jody H

AToN is unbelievable. This is my second time in Rehab and I’m blown away at how personalized, accommodating, and luxurious this rehab is. There are several therapists, doctors and staff dedicated to each person here. I highly recommend AToN to anyone thinking of sending their loved one or anybody looking for the highest quality of care in a rehab. This program is studious, intellectual, highly specific to the resident and very motivating. AToN is a gem in the rehab world.


Staff !!! Nowhere on earth will you find such a group of caring individuals. Intellectuals that understand far more than i ever realized about myself. jeepers i cant think of an answer . this facility is where i would recommend anyone and every one in need of help. i have the utmost respect for the people and the manner in which they helped me. from being put at ease emotionally from the start to the program designed to open my mind to “something i thought impossible”.Im over 3 years sober now and i remember “being exactly where i needed to be”. At ATON I was important.I felt safe. Exactly what each individual needs is determined by the staff,catered to me and me alone was my experience.


Aton is in a resort like setting. All houses are clean, beautiful and include a pool. They offer many holistic options which are top notch. Aton is a top notch. The entire staff (intake, counselors, doctors, RNs and RAs) were all so caring. I received plenty of one on one attention and they were all very professional. I would highly recommend this rehab center to anyone. It is a luxury facility.


Clinical staff and amenities The LVN’s that staff the homes could be better. The LVN’s that take the clients out to dinners and other outings are very immature and do not take their job seriously. The clinical staff is second to none. The amenities and residences were beautiful, the food choices could have been better.


Everybody from RAs, to RNs, to the Clinical Staff was tremendously qualified and revere real genuine! Clinical staff was tremendously qualified and everything from the housing to the hollistic treatments was great.


Well rounded daily routine of group sessions, as well as leisure like arts, music, sports. It’s expensive. My insurance covered some but not all of he cost. “I have never felt so well cared for. When I arrived, I was hopeless. My life was a mess. It’s been 1 year and 6 months since I left ATON. The transformation of my life is nothing short of a miracle. If you need help, this is the place.


Every aspect of the place and program were very strong. Great food too! I was the weak one. I came out stronger. Not a finished product but a work in progress. For the first time in my 64 years I received high quality effective treatment. AToN provided me with a 24/7 program that helped me through detox and right into a multi-modal challenging loving supportive opportunity to work on my psychological issues, especially as they related to my alcoholism and related addictions. Something hooked me into working very hard and openly and bravely. All staff, from grounds to RAs to cooks to acupunctureists to massage therapists to psychologists to MDs were top notch, engaging and directly helpful to me.


“The treatment and services offered at AToN are incredible and are priceless, in my opinion. This was my second time in treatment and the cost was very close to the same. While the other facility was very nice, it did not even compare to AToN in all aspects, from the amenities to the treatment, the cuisine the holistic offerings. Everything is five star. AToN made all the difference in my recovery. The accommodations are second to none and the meals were amazing. The staff is highly trained and I got excellent, REAL counseling, not just fluff. I learned more about myself than I ever could have imagined I would and was given tools that I will carry around for the rest of my life. It may sound cliche, but they helped me learn how to save my life. I eventually had to go home and they helped me see what that would look like in a healthful long-term way.
The menu of holistic offerings is lengthy and of the best quality. I was able to experience yoga, personal training, massage, Watsu, meditation, hypnotherapy, EMDR, and I am sure I am leaving something out. One of the best things they do at AToN, is on the weekends they took all of us on exposure events. This is were we were able to go out into the community and experience a sober lifestyle. Everything we did everyday things like going to the beach, paddle boarding, miniature golf took a trolly ride through downtown San Diego and Coranado Island and they took us out to dinner at very nice restaurants on Sundays. These events were fun but they also served a very big purpose. When I left AToN I went back to the same world I was living in before and it made the transition of not drinking manageable until I could get strong enough where it didn’t matter anymore. ” At the risk of sounding like a commercial, I can not think of one thing. There were challenges to the staff, as one would expect of people in treatment, but they always handled anything that came up with grace and professionalism.


The professional staff of doctors and counselors provide superior therapeutic services. Couple these services with the relaxation techniques taught, the outstanding dining facilities and the excellent housing facilities and you have one of the best recovery programs in the country. I cannot think of one single weakness in the Aton Center program.Aton Center combines relaxation therapies with psychological therapies to create the ultimate in the treatment of addictive behaviors. I had three group sessions and one individual therapy session five days a week. In between sessions I had the option of getting a message, accupuncture, hypnotherapy, one on one yoga or fitness training plus there are swimming pools, jacuzzis and a sauna. The food is first rate and if you have a special diet like me just order what you want and they will make it. Each night there is a relaxing activity and or you can attend a local meeting like Smart, AA or Meditation groups. My 30 days at Aton Center enabled me to get my life in order to enter back into society.


Personnel, compassion, well maintained Not all things were in working order.Top notch w caring counselors.


Quality and comprehensiveness of curriculum, skill of the therapeutic staff, wide array of holistic treatments, evening programs, availability of off-campus community meetings, care-taking staff (nurses, RA’s), quality of follow-up and aftercare and FOOD! Delicious, healthy, abundant food. I honestly can’t think of any. Any restriction that I might balk at I can completely see why they would need to be enforced for everyone’s safety. AToN is top-notch in every aspect. The curriculum is very well designed and constantly updated and refreshed. The expertise, efficacy, and compassion of the therapeutic staff is gold standard. The grounds, rooms, and amenities are lovely, serene, comfortable, and comforting. A wide variety of holistic treatments are available to complement the curriculum – massage, acupuncture, yoga, hypnosis, meditation, personal training, and more. Not but certainly not least, the food is amazing. While that might seem like a superficial thing to focus on, for people who have bodies and brains that are healing, the food is a critical component of well-being. My stay at AToN was phenomenal in every respect.


Professional, caring, very well-trained and experienced counselors, programs that are individual and meaningful, beautiful facility, excellent food, amazing staff, fun yet productive extracurricular events to help you experience what everyday life is going to be like when you get home. Weakness: I can honestly say that I did see any. First, I would like to share that I have been free of my demon for over a year now and feel amazing. I am certain this would not have been possible without the loving and professional care I received at AToN. The care that I received in both individual and group counseling is second to none. The counselors went above and beyond to ensure I received the kind of support I needed and still call me once a week to see how I am doing. I also had a choice of several different services and treatments each week. That may sound a little “vacation like,” but they were extremely helpful in experiencing things that I could continue when I got home that would help my recovery. During my stay, I was given a choice, not just promised a choice, of meetings to attend. Unfortunately, AA does not fit me personally. I was able to attend SMART meetings as well as meditation that were helpful. The housing was truly beautiful and it helped me very much to be comfortable and feel secure while in recovery. The medical staff was wonderful, the resident aides were amazing, the food was off the charts. The owners really care and are an active part of AToN. I saw them on an almost daily basis and they were so kind and loving. From the moment I was picked up at the airport until the moment I went back home, and every moment in-between my stay was healing and a success. They did everything they could and more to set me on the best path to recovery. There are not enough gold stars for this amazing facility. I can’t wait to go back as an alumni speaker!


I cannot stress enough how fantastic this treatment program is and how much they helped me. The facilities are beautiful. The food is excellent with chefs who are very responsive to dietary needs or special requests. The Resident Assistants are wonderful and always willing to listen. Most importantly, the psychologists and counselors are amazing. With three group sessions and one individual session every day you get a great deal of time, without being overwhelmed, in counseling. With an option for programs like EMDR, you really get the opportunity to delve into deep issues, which is not something all programs provide. Furthermore, the holistic treatments really help you to relax during a very trying time. Overall, I cannot recommend AToN enough. They saved my family and my life. I would urge anyone looking for a treatment facility to give AToN a call and see if they fit your needs.


When I arrived at ATON I was in bad shape. My life, career and family were in jeopardy. I needed help, urgently. From the first phone call from my family to check in was 24 hours. I have never felt more cared for and cared about in any other health care encounter. The entire staff is compassionate, professional and delivers very high standards of care. From the admission process through discharge and continuing into aftercare they listened, provided support and knowledge to help me succeed in recovery. I am happy and relieved to report I am still clean today. I have recommended ATON to several people and will continue to do so. If you are struggling today you can count on being well cared for at ATON.


AToN really stands out as a place for recovery, healing and renewal. The core curriculum provided me with a number of tools to better manage my life, and we practiced them regularly. The staff is top notch – they absolutely care and are committed to each patient’s success. The weekend exposure therapy made the transition from inpatient to back home much, much easier, as I didn’t feel completely separated from normal life.

They were also accommodating of dietary needs and religious worship. The continued care after “graduation” is a great benefit, and is evidence of their commitment. The small patient population means lots of individualized attention and really productive group time, with patients forming strong bonds and the staff really getting to know us. This place probably saved my life, and I’m forever grateful.


AToN staff works very hard to provide quality treatment and care to all residents! Residents are consistently impressed with the facility, program structure, care and guidance they receive here. This is a place I would recommend to all my loved ones looking for help in their journey to live a sober and healthy life!


Wonderful and caring staff.


Help and very knowledgeable staff plus they were some of the most professional I have ever encountered. Availability of visitation options and phone privileges were downfalls. My loved ones experience was totally awesome and was cured and still is cured to this day of a cocaine addiction. Awesome staff and very professional and obviously from the cure very efficient and helpful and knowledgeable…


Friendly staff and they developed a plan and stuck to it. It was a little slow going through the check in and check out process. I met with the doctors and they gave me options based on my personality and what i was comfortable with for treatment. They listened to me very well.


Very High Staff to Client Ratio, Excellent Nutritional Offerings, Amazing Holistic Treatment Included, Non-12 Step if that’s not your thing. Weaknesses: If you don’t have private insurance, the program is pretty pricey. I really got a lot of the program. I received 5 one on ones per week with a Psychologist, 4 Holistic Sessions, a nutrition plan that help me get healthy again, not to mention a treatment plan developed exclusively for me. I have been sober 3 years now. THIS PROGRAM WORKS!


Strengths: Doctoral level clinicians, small group sizes, daily individual therapy, SMART and/or 12 Step (not strictly one modality). Offers EMDR, Biofeedback and exposure sessions. This facility is best for individuals who are higher functioning and motivated for treatment. This is not a facility for individuals who are forced into treatment.


I checked into your program [at the beginning of] 2013, and have been sober every day since. I was struggling with a long-standing addiction to benzodiazapines and marijuana, an eating disorder, self-harm, and depression, a destructive relationship, and within that last year of using I had also been using meth and had become agoraphobic. Man, have things changed since then. When I think about that part of my life, I feel like it was just a movie I saw, or some strange person that I used to know, it doesn’t feel like it was me. My stay and work at Aton was the bridge between that old, destructive person and the person I am today. I’ll be forever grateful for the care I received and the tools I learned at your facility.

So after rehab I did the 90-in-90 at AA and worked the program and went to meetings for a year (we didn’t have SMART in [my area] when I was newly sober, which I would have preferred, but I learned a lot and made a lot of friends in AA), I went to therapy regularly and got all of my health problems sorted out, I quit smoking cigarettes and don’t need to take any psychotropic meds anymore, I got my first job at a movie theatre and worked there for 8 months and then worked as a server in a restaurant for over a year, I finished all of my transfer credits at my local community college so I can go on to get my BA in psychology, and I learned to have happy and healthy relationships with friends and family. I’m still working on boundaries and learning how to say no when I need to. I’ve really had to keep evaluating my relationships and occasionally I need to distance myself from people who want more from me than I can give. I’m a work in progress, but considering where I was three years ago I’m doing really, really well.

So I appreciate all of you at AToN for giving me all of the right skills and resources to become a productive and healthy person. I hope you all are well and that you’re helping lots of other addicts find their way.


Tremendous. Flexible for the recalcitrant yet firm for those seeking solid methods to assist in continued recovery. TrAditional group and individual therapy as well as holistic massage, hypnotherapy and acupuncture. Not a magic pill but real help for the motivated.

7/1//12 - L.S.

A lot of rehabs claim to have the full package then fail to deliver. AToN actually delivers. Incredible staff, incredible services, incredible program. Holistic therapies daily, individual sessions daily, and they work with you to create a strong program of recovery for after you discharge. I’m 90 days sober this week and could not have done it without AToN.

12/28/12 - Y.M.

What can I say about a program that has changed my life, and gave me a life that I didn’t even know was possible. I came to AToN in August 2011. I was a broken shell of a person, I had no hope and had suicidal thoughts daily. I felt comforted and cared for and in a safe environment the moment I walked through the doors. For the first time in a really long time i felt things where going to be okay. I was able to open up to the clinicians like I had never before. It was truly first class all the way. A beautiful home, healthy meals, massage, acupuncture, and a staff that goes above and beyond to help you with anything that will make your stay as less stressful and as therapeutic as possible. The owners have a passion for helping people with addictions. And the Director and the other clinical staff go above and beyond. dealing with insurance company’s and other outside issues you may have during your stay with AToN. The clinical staff is well qualified and I have never met anybody better. Coming to San Diego from Oregon for treatment was the best decision I ever made. Truly a gift from God. I just celebrated 15 months clean and sober, and for this girl that is nothing short of a miracle. Thank you AToN!

1/1/13 - S. B.

This is a hard review to write- I mean it is one thing to recommend a restaurant that was good, but how do you fully put into words a place that took you in and saved your life?

I tried all of the 12-step options to try to stop drinking, I tried everything I could on my own, but it didn’t work. AToN worked. I am now sober, and I am using the tools that I learned and practiced at AToN to stay that way. The difference at AToN is that it is not about just giving something up. It is about recognizing why you picked it up in the first place and then (I think most importantly) how to fill those needs in a healthy way, a way that makes you happy and peaceful instead of shameful and guilty.

They don’t isolate you, taking away contact with the outside world. You can call, text, email, and if that triggers you in some way they help you deal with it. If you want to do the 12-step thing then there is support for that, if you don’t then you can focus on the CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) tools. For me the “tools” were the key. I found that other methods just focused on NOT doing something, instead of focusing on how and why. AToN covers all of it. And they offer holistic services too, things like a massage therapist who’s services at first I thought just a nice perk, but came to realize that he was a profound part of my recovery.

The environment is beautiful; it is a home. There is really nothing clinical about the experience, Jim and Patricia have created an inviting, super-comfortable, luxurious place to do this hard work in. Because it is hard, but it is so worth it. The cook is amazing, the back yard is still one of my favorite places, and the pups were a different kind of therapy that I needed as well. And the people are incredible. I always felt respected and taken care of, protected and safe to do the work that needed to be done.

The doctors and counselors were amazing: a year later and I know that I can call anytime and hash out a problem or just ask for support. They pushed me, they helped me deal with things that I had no desire to talk about. The helped me to let go of my shame. And that helped me let go of my addiction.

1/12/13 - C. M.

The setting is impeccable and the staff is second to none. One of the most beautiful treatment centers Ive seen and experienced.


ATon was a life changing experience. This was the 3rd rehab I’ve been to & I’ve been able to stay sober for over a year now. Everything about my life has improved & I can honestly say I wouldn’t change a thing right now. Drugs & alcohol, low self esteem & derpression consumed my life & now after the amazing doctors & staff at ATon I have a whole new outlook on life, priorities, & what truly matters I’m the long run. I learned why I turned to drugs & alcohol for the problems in my life & what I can do now to keep them out of my life. I will be forever grateful for ATon.

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