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Self Esteem And Sobriety

Self Esteem And Sobriety

Self Esteem And Sobriety

For just about everyone who struggles with an addiction, they will also be very likely to struggle with their self-esteem. Sometimes low self-esteem can be one of the motivators for using drugs in the first place as they give a temporary relief or boost in confidence. But also a person in an addictive cycle may also have their self-esteem decrease as a consequence of their use.

If you have made mistakes or poor decisions while under the influence these can be falsely interpreted as “proof” of unworthiness. In my work at the AToN center I frequently look at different aspects of self-esteem to try and help residents have a more realistic and positive view of themselves. This can include working on an accurate view of their own past where they acknowledge mistakes but attempt to learn from them rather than just beat one’s self up. Also I attempt to guide towards a view of the self that is accepting of all the aspects of self.

Boosting self-esteem can help a person realize their potential and maintain their sobriety over the long run.

Chad K. Cox, PsyD
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