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Self-love Addiction Recovery

Self-love Addiction Recovery

Self-love Addiction Recovery

Self-love in Addiction Recovery

Developing love for the self is a process encouraged in recovery from substance use disorders, as well as individuals with mental health issues. Many people enter treatment with difficulty in how they view themselves due to shame over past behavior, a history of trauma, and challenged or dysfunctional relationships.

Learning to see oneself in a new light is a journey often beginning with examining beliefs with gentleness and curiosity and looking at how to identify distorted thinking to remove the blocks that get in the way of seeing the truth. When we get sober and learn to forgive ourselves we begin to see that the past is unable to be changed and can instead be used to teach us some of our most valuable lessons.

If we stay sober and continue to do the work we allow the emotions of nurturing the self to manifest including grace, courage, hope, inspiration, worthiness, empathy, and Love. There are many therapeutic activities we use here at AToN Center to foster this lesson including Individual and Group Therapy, CBT, EMDR, BreathWork, Meditation, DBT, Yoga, and other Holistic Practices.

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