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Sharing with Others

share your story with others about addiction

Sharing with Others

Sharing with Others

There is often the sincerest desire for a person to be able to recover from their addiction with only limited involvement of others.  This can also be especially true when the addiction is accompanied by other often socially stigmatized conditions like depression, anxiety, trauma or other mental health concerns.  

There can be a devastating shot to the ego in opening up to others about the struggles of substance dependence.  Reluctance can even be reinforced when friends, family or co-workers are ignorant about the nature of addiction and can inadvertently add shame to the process with judgement and minimization. 

There is a kind of relief though in opening up to others that is often unanticipated.  It make take some time but when you find settings and people who are understanding and emphatic to your plight then you can be connected, open and learn from other’s experiences.   

You are not alone in your addiction and the more that you share with receptive people the more relief you are likely to experience. 

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