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Smoking Cessation During Early Stages of Recovery

Smoking Cessation During Early Stages of Recovery

It has been a long held belief that quitting smoking DURING detoxification and the early stages of recovery was ill-advised.  Over the past years, the research has demonstrated otherwise!  In 1994, Hurt et al. conducted an intervention in which smokers undergoing inpatient treatment were divided into a control group (usual care) and an intervention group (smoking cessation).

These researchers found that the smoking cessation treatment not only enhanced smoking cessation, but that it also did not have a negative influence on abstinence from other substances of choice.  Since this 1994 study, many other researchers have taken an interest and completed their own research.  In a systematic review of this topic, Thurgood et. al (2016) stated, “In general, smoking has been shown to be an ineffective coping strategy and may worsen substance use treatment outcomes.”  Additionally, the authors noted that in two of the studies selected for the systematic review demonstrated that outcomes were improved for those who opted to cease smoking during substance use treatment.

While ultimately the choice to quit smoking is up to you, we do recommend this at AToN Center.  We can assist you with smoking cessation with nicotine replacement therapy, behavioral support and a combination of other approaches that can improve your quality of life.

While this blog is absolutely NOT an exhaustive review of the literature on this topic, it can be a starting point for you if you are interested.

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Sarah L. Thurgood, MSc, Ann McNeill, PhD, David Clark-Carter, PhD, Leonie S. Brose, PhD; A Systematic Review of Smoking Cessation Interventions for Adults in Substance Abuse Treatment or Recovery. Nicotine Tob Res 2016; 18 (5): 993-1001. doi: 10.1093/ntr/ntv127

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