Kevin Murphy

Kevin Murphy, Psy.D.
Licensed Psychologist
Director of Utilization Review
PSY 23323

Dr. Kevin Murphy has worked in multiple Residential Treatment Centers, with addiction as a professional emphasis since graduate school. His professional history includes extensive individual and group therapy to treat those with dual diagnosis conditions; therapy with forensic populations; and psychological assessment. Dr. Murphy has completed approximately 3,000 assessments with individuals from a multitude of backgrounds, including those possibly needing detox or addiction treatment, veterans, those in crisis, geriatric patients, prisoners, and refugees.Dr. Murphy often facilitates in-services for professionals on a range of topics, from depression and crisis intervention to risk assessment and cue exposure therapy. Specialties include: addiction treatment, cue exposure therapy, insight-oriented therapy to treat depression and anxiety, Rogerian support, psychological assessment, supervision and psychoeducation related to the interplay between neurobiology, diet, addiction and mood.

Dr. Murphy’s approach can be described as blended, as he combines dynamic (insight-oriented) therapy with an informative process that integrates current research as applicable to depression, anxiety and addiction. Philosophically, he believes that therapy is fruitless without positive, unconditional regard for those that he works with.