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Stop Talking So Much:  Buddha’s Advice on Wise SpeechBuddha’s central teachings inform the learner how to end suffering. His Four Noble Truth and The Eight Fold Path give clear and concise guidance on how to promote loving kindness through each action and each inaction. The fruit of these efforts help reduce our suffering and have a positive impact on those around us.

The Fourth Noble Truth introduces the learner to the Eight Fold Path toward enlightenment and the end of suffering.  The Eight Fold Path include: Right View (perspective), Right Intent, Right Speech, Right Focus, Right Alertness, Right Purpose, Right Effort, and Right Motivation.

Let’s take a closer look at the lessons taught by Buddha on Right Speech (Sampa Palapa, in Pali).  Joseph Goldstein and Ragu Markus discuss Buddha’s lessons on Sampa Palapa.

Right Speech reminds to learner to be mindfully aware of one’s thoughts, feelings, and opinions and to consider before speaking how our word may increase the suffering of ourselves — and others.

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